Locality Based

Putting you in the epicenter of social experience, with rich media shared around you

Organized in Channels

Better engagement instead of scrolling past content irrelevant to you

Keep Your Friends Close

Stay close to your friends when they subscribe to your channel and share.

Organized Following

Separate the celebs and brands you follow from your friends and family

Go Anonymous

Separate your public life from your private life, with an alter ego. Express yourself without fear

Includes the Usuals and More

Message, Share, Like, Comment, Rate, Follow. Tap someone to see their profile and Checkmate them to let them know you like them.

App Features

Convenient Layout

Organized media, not a jumble of posts from your directory

From the internet

You can share media and links directly from the internet, unlike Instagram

In depth interaction

Broadcast live to your followers, chat, comment, like, share, rate, and more

Coming soon

Get paid for engagement from subscribers of your own channel, YouTube-style

It’s all about you

With the content locality feature, everything revolves around you

Invite friends

You can invite your friends and family to share their experiences with each other on the app


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